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A young graduate talks about her life on a tour bus with 14 bodies, her gown almost out of her father’s hand. Believe in sacred things

A young female graduate recounts the moments of her life after a tour bus killed 14 people. She rushed home and gave her father a graduation gown as a gift. She almost didn’t survive, believing that sacred things would protect her.

Miss Mustikarn or Nong Ging, one of the survivors of the tour bus accident that left 14 dead in Huai Yang Subdistrict, Thap Sakae District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, tells the story of her life. He took the said tour bus from Bangkok, headed home to Thung Song District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. which he had just returned from receiving his degree By graduating from Rattana Bundit University (RBAC) intends to hurry home. to bring the graduation gown back to father It’s a gift for Father’s Day. By sitting on the lower floor of the car, behind the driver.

during which the incident occurred He was asleep, when he became aware that he heard loud cries for help. while his head was resting on the car When he regained his composure, he hurriedly found a way out. and the emergency door cannot be opened. Because the car was in a damaged condition. Until a rescue worker came to help break the glass to help us. It only takes a short time. was able to help successfully

As for himself, he had a large laceration on his forehead above his left eyebrow, requiring 16 stitches, and had many abrasions and bruises all over his body. Still feeling dazed

I admit that during the incident, I was very afraid and worried about my sister. His leg was broken and he couldn’t get up. which when getting out of the car But I still can’t come out. Currently, my sister is still receiving treatment at Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital Due to a dislocated hip and broken leg The symptoms are quite severe. At this time, officials have contacted us to report assistance. I would like to entrust the relevant agencies to provide full relief to the victims. Which I personally consider lucky. The injuries were not as great as the others. Now I’m still afraid of tour buses. Because I usually take the train. or airplane But before an emergency happened, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get home in time. So he boarded the said tour bus.

In addition, Nong Ging also unwrapped the amulet that had been hanging with her since childhood, including the day of the accident, for reporters to see. By tucking it into the shirt, 2 of them: Luang Pho Klai Wajasit Famous monks of the South Many people probably think of “Father Than Klai Wajasit” the monk who was nicknamed “Father Than Klai Wajasit” “Angel of Mueang Khon” from Wat That Noi Mueang Nakhon and the “Ai Khai Dek Wat Chedi” medallion from Chalong Subdistrict, Sichon District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The legend of sacred things that Southern people believe in Which Nong Gin believes part of it probably comes from the Buddhist virtues of the sacred objects that he has hanging with him.

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