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A 62-year-old user falls on the train tracks

So far this year 9 people have lost their lives in the subway, and yesterday, except for the rapid intervention of the police present at the station, it could have been another.

The presence of multiple police officers in the New York subway saved the life of a 62-year-old man who fell on the train tracks, the product of a new attack on the subway Sunday night.

“Finally a little more security,” said Eribel Zapata.

According to authorities, the man was on the platform when a 21-year-old man hit him in the head for no apparent reason and the attack hit the tracks.

Luckily and due to diligence, a police officer was present and gave him a hand.

“Necessary. For the safety of the community and also of children and the elderly who are defenseless,” Zapata added.

The incident occurred at Grand Concourse station, located between the avenue of the same name and 149th street, in the Bronx. Very early on, uniformed officers could be seen patrolling, entering and exiting cars, providing a feeling of added security.

“It seems to me that it is going very well, because there are many attacks, robberies,” said Marcial Beléndez of the increased security.

The swift action of the police also led to the arrest of the alleged attacker. Plus point for Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul, who just hours earlier had concluded a two-day security summit at Gracie Mansion.

A ninth person killed in subway violence so far this past week was the catalyst for that meeting.


The immediate result is another 1,200 police officers on the subway patrolling every day for the sole purpose of reducing crime.

“Those who are on the street doing something wrong when they see a police officer leave,” said Fernando Paulino.

Adams and Hochul also said during the summit that they have units in psychiatric hospitals to treat people described by users as having “erratic behavior”.

They commit crimes but it is difficult to prosecute them according to the mayor. Furthermore, their civil rights must be protected and supported. An outstanding topic, users say.

“I think they need a special place because they don’t have a place, they take refuge on the train,” Beléndez added.

According to police, the victim sustained minor injuries in the assault on Concourse Village and refused medical attention.

The suspect has been indicted and faces charges of reckless danger, assault and harassment.

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