Second chance for TUI fly: fourth Boeing 737 MAX finally home

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 replaces the older Boeing 737-800 at the Dutch branch of TUI fly. The MAX is not only quieter but also considerably more economical, which significantly reduces the fuel bill. There are 189 seats on board, just like in the Boeing 737-800.

The fourth aircraft was initially scheduled to arrive at Schiphol on Thursday morning, but due to a defect, the aircraft had to turn around after departure from Seattle. It finally landed on Dutch soil around 7.45 am on Sunday morning, after a non-stop flight from the US.

The fourth Boeing 737 MAX bears the registration PH-TFT and the name Ivalo. The aircraft will fly to Brussels on Sunday evening, to be prepared for the first commercial flight there. The Dutch and Belgian branches of TUI fly are formally one organisation, which means that aircraft are regularly exchanged and that maintenance or other work takes place at Schiphol or Brussels Airport.


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