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5 Benefits of Candlenut Oil for Attractive Hair, Make it Healthy and Shiny

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Merdeka.com – You must have heard that hazelnut oil is very good and nutritious for hair health. This traditional ingredient has been used for generations to help strengthen and make hair look healthier and shinier. And, this is true.

Candlenut oil is also one of the most popular massage oils, which can make the skin softer and smoother. When massaged into the scalp or added to a shampoo or conditioner, hazelnut oil coats the hair shaft, moisturizing and strengthening it.

Nutrients in candlenut include fatty acids, several minerals, vitamins and natural antioxidants with benefits to soothe irritated skin and even heal wounds. Here’s more about the benefits hazelnut oil for interesting hair for you to know, reported from drhealthbenefits.com anderaorganics.com.

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Candlenut Oil Content

Candlenut oil has been used for centuries to help nourish hair. The candlenut tree is native to Southeast Asia, first cultivated in Indonesia and then brought to the Pacific Islands. Today, candlenut is grown worldwide in temperate climates such as Polynesia, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, China, and Australia.

Candlenut oil is not only obtained from the tree but also from the seeds. The seeds of the candlenut tree have also been used traditionally for a variety of different purposes. The oil from the seeds is used as lamp oil, while the seeds themselves can be assembled and burned to make torches.

The use of hazelnut oil for health purposes is due to its nutrient-dense profile, which includes vitamins, antioxidants and various healthy fats such as vitamins C and D which are necessary for beautiful skin and hair and overall health, vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals. dangerous.

Candlenut oil is also known to contain healthy fatty acids in the form of 29% oleic acid (Omega-9) and 42% linoleic acid (Omega-6), which play a role in delivering nutrients deep into the skin. Please note that raw pecan seeds are poisonous and must be roasted before they can be consumed.

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Benefits of Candlenut Oil for Hair

Pecan oil is sourced from the nut family and must be ensured for purity and quality before use. Candlenut oil itself is available in various forms, ranging from staple ingredients in households, to creams or lotions as well as other forms such as massage oil, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner, and soap.

Here are some of the benefits of hazelnut oil for hair that you should know;

1. Take care of the black luster of the hair

The first benefit of hazelnut oil for hair is to help keep your black hair awake and shiny. But don’t worry, this doesn’t only apply to black hair owners because hazelnut oil will still help make hair look shinier and sharpen any hair color.

2. Reduce Hair Loss

The second benefit of hazelnut oil for hair is to reduce hair loss. Is your hair thinning and falling out? You can overcome this by using hazelnut oil. Candlenut oil can reduce or even prevent hair loss from the roots. The protein and mineral content in hazelnut is what strengthens the hair roots.

3. Grow Hair

The third benefit of hazelnut oil for hair is to help grow hair. Hair loss problems usually leave areas that appear thin or bald. Regular use of hazelnut oil can make hair grow faster and healthier as well as strong.

4. Thicker and Stronger Hair

Nutrients present in candlenut can help hair roots get healthy food. The benefits of hazelnut oil are able to help make hair grow healthier, smoother and thicker every strand.

5. Overcoming Gray Hair

The efficacy of candlenut oil for the fifth hair is to help overcome gray hair. If your hair is gray, you can use oil to re-blacken it and nourish your hair more deeply to prevent gray hair from coming back.


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