A self-appointed elite wants to destroy our economy and our freedom

If these destructive and dysfunctional segments of the population are allowed to grow, they can bring down the golden city on the hill Washington, USA05 Feb. 2023, 22:42 7995 read 0 comments Robots are quickly taking over many tasks that humans once thought impossible for a machine to perform—including written content that appears in newspapers […]

Neoleish, the first DNA vaccine authorized in Europe against canine leishmaniasis

It is a solution for nasal spray, it is based on recombinant DNA and it is the first in animal mammals and the second in the world with this technology. The Neoleish vaccine, developed by researchers from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the Zendal group, has received approval from the European Medicines […]

Hložek brought the win. Let Bizonek drive more often, says Krejčí

Sparta expects a lot from him. However, the captain is still catching up after a long absence. He finished the spring premiere in Olomouc completely exhausted in the reserve. He played in defense against Boleslav. “I definitely feel better than a week ago. It was also due to the position at the back of the […]

More moons found around Jupiter | News

No other planet in our solar system has so many moons, but Saturn is close behind with 83. The new moons were discovered using telescopes located in Chile and Hawaii in 2021 and 2022. All have been confirmed using follow-up observations. The smallest has a radius of one kilometer and the largest three kilometers according […]

Dan Štaerman: Time to change the pension plan?

The results of the 2022 second level pension funds in Latvia are difficult to describe as pleasing to the investor. The value of the average fund unit has decreased by 13.8%, moreover, decreases can be observed in all risk categories – both conservative and active plans. This result is the opposite of the result of […]

The Men – ‘New York City’

Album / Fuzz Club / 03.02.2023Garage In the big family tree of New York, we can clearly see the name of the Velvet Underground written at the very top, that of Bodega or Parquet Courts a little lower, and quite a few other well-known ones at the intermediate levels. On the other hand, although it […]

Father and son narrowly escaped mega avalanche :: wetter.at

Large parts of Austria were warned of the danger of avalanches on Saturday. Already on Friday afternoon, two skiers on the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See in Pinzgau released a 300 meter wide and 800 meter long avalanche. A 44-year-old father from Vienna and his 13-year-old son drove into an unsecured slope in open terrain […]

Three years after Brexit, where will the UK go? _Economy_Europe_International

Original title: Where will the UK go after three years of Brexit? high inflation recession Great strikes hit the UK Three years after Brexit More than half of the people regretted Britain’s dilemma What is the problem? ‘Post-Brexit era’ intertwined with Russia-Ukraine conflict Where is Britain headed? February 4 at 8pm CCTV-4 “Deep International” Invite […]