Elon Musk will test human brain chips in six months Page all

KOMPAS. com – CEO Tesla Elon Musk I will test a wireless brain chip Neural connection in humans over the next six months. According to Musk, the chip will allow disabled patients to move and communicate again, quoted by Reuters. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Austin, Texas, Neuralink has been conducting animal […]

Braunschweig: Students show their own VR installations

Immerse yourself in the utopian worlds of writer JG Ballard: Screenshot from “Highrise”. Photo: Anton Lonio 12/02/2022, 19:01,last update: 02.12.2022, 19:01 Brunswick. Public insurance and the University of Fine Arts (HBK) present the interdisciplinary exhibition project “Close to Touch” from 7 December. The public insurance company announced it on Friday. The exhibition of students from […]

Throwing away 31 kg of meat! The beautician’s slimming strategy is open: lose weight from 80 kg to 49 kg without losing weight|slimming|slimming|beautiful doctor|Health 2.0

Losing weight is every woman’s lifelong career, even doctors are no exception! An Xinyu, a beautiful doctor from the Family Medicine Department of Chiayi Christian Hospital, worked with fat for more than 20 years and gained 80 kilograms. Finally, through scientific weight loss, she was able to lose weight up to 49 kilograms, and her […]

[경제]Consumer prices rose 5.0% in November… the lowest in 7 months

[앵커] Consumer prices rose 5.0% last month, recording the lowest rate of increase in the past seven months. The National Bureau of Statistics has predicted that the possibility of a rise in inflation due to the economic slowdown at home and abroad is unlikely to increase. Reporter Oh In-seok on the sidewalk. [기자] The consumer […]

Tekken 8 will be presented at The Game Awards

文章: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn Earlier this fall, we finally got an announcement for the next installment in the Tekken series. Here, the somewhat dysfunctional Mishima family will continue to work out problems with their fists, which often leads to really interesting games. Considering how good Tekken 7 has been and all the top-notch post-launch […]

FIFA Mitsuboshi Cross World Cup “I have proof that the whole ball is not out” | NHK

Regarding Kaoru Mitoma’s crossball, which led to Japan’s winning goal in the Japan-Spain match, FIFA (International Football Federation) said on its official Twitter account: “We have obtained evidence that the entire ball she went out”. In the first league match between Japan and Spain held on December 1, Japan time on December 2, Mitoma just […]