Tiramisu dessert creator dies in Italy

Photo: Getty Tiramisu was invented by accident The dish turned out by accident: the chef was making vanilla ice cream, and a little mascarpone got into the mixture of eggs and sugar. In Italy, the restaurateur Ado Campeol, who is considered the author of the world famous dessert tiramisu, died, according to the newspaper Il […]

US media reports: Abuse lawsuit against Prince Andrew in New York

The British Prince Andrew is said to have abused a minor in New York. As reported in the US media, the now adult woman has filed a lawsuit. A woman who accuses British Prince Andrew (61) of abusing her as a minor has filed a lawsuit in a court in New York, according to US […]

Anyone who threatens to take sick leave must expect termination

A bakery employee experienced something that many of us are probably familiar with: She kept getting into arguments with her colleague. To prevent that from happening again, she asked her boss to be assigned to other shifts. However, this refused the request. And what does the bakery employee say? Then I’ll just go on sick […]

Before an operation: The doctor has to explain his own illnesses

Because a doctor continued to work after a stroke, two patients lost their eyesight. The case was brought before the Bavarian Supreme Court. Lawyer Thomas Kinschewski explains. Obligation to inform the other way around A 60-year-old ophthalmologist had a stroke in 2009. Two years later he was able to return to work. He operated on […]

New York is investigating Trump’s company

Donald Trump The investigation against the ex-president is, among other things, about the suspicion that Trump’s company has made false statements about the value of their real estate. (Photo: AP) New York According to a media report, the New York public prosecutor’s office has decisively advanced its investigation into the real estate company of ex-President […]

District of Augsburg: Court: 21-year-old steals safe from in-laws with a friend

Plus In the parents-in-law’s apartment, a 21-year-old and her boyfriend stole a safe and stole 1000 euros of money and jewelry from it. Of Michael Siegel Darker and darker clouds moved over the relationship of a family in the southern district. A young woman lived with her boyfriend under the same roof as her in-laws. […]

Penny is now selling meat loaf pretzels

Two typical Bavarian dishes combined? The discounter Penny now has this on offer. The Leberk√§se in pretzel form could cause displeasure among some customers in the future. Take a meat loaf, mustard, pretzels as a side dish, beer – and a dish is ready to match the taste of Bavarian cuisine. Usually everything is served […]

Termination: Can I get all work emails and messages delivered?

A lot of data comes together in professional life. What used to be written on paper now happens in emails and WhatsApp chats. Regardless of whether you are in contact with customers or colleagues: New data is created every working day. This issue has now become a dispute in court. Do I get all the […]