Saudi Sovereign Fund Acquires Egypt’s 6 Largest Companies… and Total Transaction Disclosure

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Saudi Sovereign Fund has acquired the 6 largest Egyptian companies for a total of transactions amounting to 27.9 billion pounds.

a company b unique

The Egyptian company “B-Tech” has announced a new investment by the Saudi Egyptian Investment Company, wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (Saudi Sovereign Fund). According to Russia Today.

According to a release, the Saudi Egyptian Investment Company will buy a minority stake of approximately 34% in the company “B-Tech” from the Second African Development Partners Fund of the International Development Partners Company, where the acquisition took place for a value of approximately 3 billion Egyptian pounds.

a company MobCo for fertilizers

The Saudi sovereign wealth fund has acquired a 25% stake in the state-owned Misr Fertilizer Production Company (Mopco), after buying shares owned by government agencies, worth around EGP 7.1 billion.

a company Which finance

The Saudi sovereign wealth fund has acquired about 19.8% of the shares of the company “e-finance”, specialized in the technology sector, for a value of 7.5 billion Egyptian pounds.

Alexandria to trade containers

The Holding Company for Transport has sold 297.95 million shares of Alexandria Container Handling, valued at £3.02 billion, for an average selling price per share of £8.11.

Abu waxes for fertilizers

Saudi Arabia has acquired a stake of around 19.8% of the company’s shares, which comes on top of an earlier acquisition by the Emirates of around 21.5% of the company’s shares, worth about 7 .3 billion Egyptian pounds.

a company Ibico industries pharmacological

The Saudi Sovereign Fund, through its subsidiary “Saudi Egyptian Investment”, has acquired 4.7% of the shares of “Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industries” (EPICO) – equal to approximately 4.7 million shares – for a value of over 140 million pounds.

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