New from adidas Originals – Looking back to the past for the future

Though subversive, this season reinterprets the brand’s history through a previously established iconic visual language and a collection of haute couture and accessories. Looking back to the past, just for the future, this collection aspires to combine high-end craftsmanship with vibrant creativity, giving new meaning to the blue that represents the brand. – – Adidas […]

Biggest market crash in history coming from

© Reuters – – Investors are approaching a catastrophic market crash and should turn to cryptocurrencies under such conditions. This was stated by entrepreneur, investor and author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki. “I predict the biggest accident in the history of the world is coming,” says Kiyosaki (Citation for Business […]

Yakuza spinoffs “Judgment” and “Last Judgment” finally arrive on Steam

In a surprising turn of events, Sega released a series of Yakuza side events Rule And Judgment Day on the steam. The former first appeared on PlayStation 4 Before moving on to the current generation of consoles and Stadia . Rule Players take on the role of Takayuki Yagami, a private investigator investigating a serial […]

Reports: Thomas Muller’s home was stolen during the Barcelona-Bayern Munich match

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The home of Bayern Munich player Thomas Muller was robbed during match “Bayern” and his Spanish counterpart Barcelona on Tuesday in the 2023/2022 Champions League, according to German reports of printing. The German newspaper “Bild” reported that thieves broke into Muller’s home in the town of Utterving, south of […]

Learn about the mechanism for approving sick leave issued outside the Kingdom

In detail, this took place after the issue of two previous circulars in previous years urging government agencies not to accept paper sick leave and to adopt the “SEHA” platform to accept sick leave in implementation of the provisions of paragraph (b) of point (first) of the noble Royal Decree no. 59574 of 20/10 1440 […]

Lukas Enembe’s cash flow allegations to overseas casinos under investigation by KPK

Jakarta – The corruption case that trapped the governor of Papua Luca Enembe as a suspect enters a new phase. The KPK is now investigating the alleged flow of money from the account Luca Enembe to casinos abroad. Suspicious state news Luca Enembe was initially introduced by Stefanus Roy Rening as the attorney’s coordinator. Roy […]

investigation opened for violent theft

The criminal trail is now being examined after the suspicious death of an 84-year-old woman on Friday in Charmes (Vosges). The Prosecutor of Epinal has in fact opened an investigation for theft with violence resulting in death, he reports Morning Vosges. – This content is blocked because you have not accepted cookies and other tracers. […]

5 signs of unhealthy lungs, don’t take them lightly!

Jakarta – Lung tissue is one of the organs that is sensitive to dirty particles or dust. If left unchecked, this pair of organs will be injured and infected. Additionally, there are many causes of unhealthy lung signs that increase the risk of respiratory disease. Excessive smoking often damages the respiratory organs, such as the […]

THE BALL – Watch: boy António Silva faces veteran Bonucci (video) (Benfica)

António Silva played against Juventus, in Turin, only his fifth official match as a senior. It cannot be said that the 18-year-old central defender has not gone through difficulties, but he has also left his mark on his personality. Leonardo Bonucci says this, who at 35 has the status of captain of the blue team […]