investigation opened for violent theft

The criminal trail is now being examined after the suspicious death of an 84-year-old woman on Friday in Charmes (Vosges). The Prosecutor of Epinal has in fact opened an investigation for theft with violence resulting in death, he reports Morning Vosges.

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An autopsy was performed on Tuesday

The victim’s son called the gendarmes last Friday after discovering his unconscious mother at her home in Charmes, “where she lived alone,” prosecutor Frédéric Nahon said Friday in a press release.

The investigators found “many traces of forced entry (…) on the front door and in different rooms of the house” and that “various pieces of furniture had been searched”, added the magistrate. An autopsy was carried out on Tuesday at the forensic institute of Khru in Nancy and the results are not yet known but “the hypothesis of violence exercised on the victim is privileged”, he also indicated.

The investigation was entrusted to Nancy’s research section and Remiremont’s research brigade. A judicial investigation will be opened “by the end of the week”, according to the indictment.

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