the new season of “Through the thorns to …” has begun

“Do you even know where you are? A 20-pound woman is standing up, writhing, can’t stand and will she still teach me about life? Beer!” Anastasia is angry. — Elina is also not silent and does not allow herself to be beaten, because she lives according to her mother’s advice: if you hit, you have […]

Microsoft reveals more games coming to Game Pass

Xbox just revealed a few more games coming to your Game Pass. They are titles from Skybound Games, Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season, The Big Con, Rainbow Billy and the Curse of the Leviathan and Homestead Arcana that will be launched on launch day on the Microsoft service. We also have games from […]

California Sues Amazon For Unfair Competition | Abroad

To avoid price competition with other online ecommerce companies, Amazon requires merchants to enter into agreements. They are severely punished if they offer their products at a lower price outside of Amazon. The practice not only reduces other companies’ ability to compete, but also further increases Amazon’s dominance in the e-commerce market, the complaint says. […]

Jewish Neuberger Medal for the CEO of BVB Watzke

The Jewish community in Düsseldorf will hand Watzke the renowned non-drug award at its annual reception on November 3, a community spokesperson said Wednesday on request. The laudatory speech will be given by the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Hendrik Wüst (CDU). The medal is named after former NRW Minister of Justice Josef Neuberger (1902-1977). […]

He harasses her on Facebook and she responds with satanic images

Unfortunately, women are not only harassed on the street, but also on social networks, platforms through which they receive all kinds of messages and even explicit images. On this occasion, a young woman went viral for the particular way he chased away his stalker. In addition to being harassed in the streets and in public […]

Rock Hard – ALLEGAEON: Ezra Haynes returns to the microphone for the next European tour

News 14.09.2022, 11:30 am ALLEGAEON have joined forces with former frontman Ezra Haynes for their upcoming European tour following the departure of singer Riley McShane. After breaking up with frontman Riley McShane, death metallers ALLEGAEON have already found a well-known replacement for their upcoming European tour with RIVERS OF NIHIL, FALLUJAH, IINFERI and HARBINGER. For […]

| FATF Gray List: Pakistan’s strategy to get rid of Masood Azhar

Islamabad: Pakistan with a new deadline to exit the FATF gray list. Pakistan is playing the game of technical delivery of Masood Azhar Alvi, the founder and terrorist of the terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed (JMM). As part of this, Pakistan is busy spreading the word that Masood Azhar has moved to Afghanistan. Pakistan says Azhar moved […]