5 signs of unhealthy lungs, don’t take them lightly!


Lung tissue is one of the organs that is sensitive to dirty particles or dust. If left unchecked, this pair of organs will be injured and infected. Additionally, there are many causes of unhealthy lung signs that increase the risk of respiratory disease.

Excessive smoking often damages the respiratory organs, such as the lungs and throat. As a result, oxygen will be difficult to obtain from the body because the exchange site with carbon dioxide does not function normally.

Furthermore, age is also the most important factor in decreased lung performance. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these signs because they can be the onset of life-threatening diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma and cancer.


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Here are other signs of unhealthy lungs cited by the American Lung Association website:

Signs of unhealthy lungs

1. Chronic cough

One of the symptoms that sufferers often experience is a cough accompanied by phlegm (mucus) for a period of eight weeks or more. This can interfere with daily activities and work. In fact, it often makes it difficult for the sick to sleep well.

2. Shortness of breath or wheezing

Shortness of breath after strenuous activities, such as sports or weight lifting, is common. However, this condition becomes abnormal when a person suddenly and periodically feels it.

To determine the cause, consult a doctor immediately. Because this is not just the impact of lung disorders, but also heart failure or GERD.

3. Excessive mucus production

Mucus or phlegm is the effect of the performance of the lungs when protecting the respiratory tract from bacterial and viral attacks. If it settles in large quantities, it causes blockage of the bronchi so that oxygen cannot flow freely to the lungs.

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4. Cough with blood

In fact, hemoptysis or coughing up blood is a serious symptom of respiratory disorders. However, there are still many people with these symptoms who decide to ignore it for trivial reasons.

Indeed, these symptoms or signs are the onset of deadly diseases that can be life-threatening, such as pneumonia, cancer and tuberculosis.

5. Chronic chest pain

The last most common warning is chest pain that doesn’t go away within a month. Also, it becomes very pronounced if the sufferer inhales or coughs. This will get worse along with stress and anxiety.

It is correct for humans to take care of the health of the body by knowing the signs of unhealthy lungs. Especially if the sufferer has a genetic factor, you should report this to the nearest medical service so that prevention can be carried out immediately.

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