Knee Vulnerable Affected Lung Cancer Risk, Why?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Cancer paru-paru trigger abnormal cell growth. According to Cancer.Net, if lung cancer is detected at an early stage, recovery can reach 80 percent to 90 percent. Lung cancer can move to other parts of the body or metastasize to the brain, lymph nodes, liver, adrenal glands, to the knees. Why is the […]

10 characteristics of dirty lungs, smokers must be careful!

Jakarta – Sometimes, people think that difficulty breathing is just something that comes with age. In fact, it may indicate characteristics of dirty lungs that need to be addressed immediately. Toxin contamination in the lungs can be caused by various factors, ranging from smoking, exposure to chemicals, air pollution, viral and bacterial infections, or the […]

Must try, 8 Ways to Naturally Clear Mucus in Throat and Lungs

Jakarta – Getting rid of mucus in the throat and lungs naturally is not only possible with certain foods. There are several ways to clear mucus in the throat and lungs that are simple and can be tried at home. The mucus in the lungs or phlegm plays an important role in protecting the health […]

Knowing the causes and symptoms of wet lung, is it dangerous?

Jakarta – Wet lung is a fairly common condition in Indonesia. This condition makes it difficult for a person to breathe due to fluid buildup in the lungs. Based on this, some people asked “wet lung, is it dangerous to health?” Obviously the answer is yes. Wet lung is actually a layman’s term to describe […]

10 signs of lung disease, not just cough and breathing difficulties

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Paru-paru hence one of the important organs in human body. Lung damage can cause many problems. For that, it seems you need to be aware of some signs of lung disease. A set of these symptoms may be a sign of lung damage. The lungs are respiratory organs associated with the […]

7 foods to effectively cleanse the lungs make breathing easier

Jakarta – Especially for people who are often exposed to pollution, lung health should be the focus of attention. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, there are foods you can try to keep your lungs clean. Everything? Quoted by Medical News Today, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to air pollution causes 4.2 […]

Relieve your asthma symptoms with the following 8 tips

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Asthma it is said to affect nearly 300 million people worldwide, regardless of age. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), asthma is very vulnerable and more common in children. The impact rate increases by 50 percent every decade. If you are diagnosed with low symptom or para-asthmatic asthma, you can try […]

10 signs of pneumonia in children often suspected of having the flu

Jakarta – The emergence of the corona virus increases the risk of people around the world getting pneumonia. This disease has a negative impact on lung function. Therefore, recognize the signs of pneumonia to prevent its development. Cited by the World Health Organization (WHO), pneumonia killed at least 740,180 children or accounted for about 14% […]

Learn about legionellosis, lung inflammation caused by an infection

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Disease legionellosis is a severe form of pneumonia or lung inflammation usually caused by an infection. It is caused by a bacterium known as legionella. The risk of Legionnaires’ disease means that everyone has to be vigilant. This disease, which is mainly water-borne, can be severe enough to cause: inflammation on the […]

Popcorn Lung, a rare disease that causes lung damage due to vaping

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Electronic cigarette or vape considered less risky to health than cigarette. This is what makes people switch to using it en masse vape. It’s true? I know right. Vaping as dangerous as cigarettes. Quote page Directorate for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases, Ministry of Health, vape increases a person’s […]