The singer, Daniel Lévi died of colon cancer, he was 60 years old…(VIDEOS) – Free Dom

The singer, Daniel Lévi (Daniel Haim ben Sarah Lévi), was born on Saturday August 26, 1961 in Constantine in French Algeria and died on Saturday August 6, 2022, from colon cancer which had been diagnosed in 2019. In 1983, he composed and recorded his first album entitled Cocktail1. A first album with electric sounds from … Read more

Beloved grandmother Dorothea. The Monstrous Crimes of the Mistress of the House of Death – Around the World – Lifestyle – Click

For years, the disappearance of these so-called system-forgotten people went unnoticed. But eventually the police, searching for a missing tenant, noticed freshly dug up earth near the boarding house and discovered the first of several bodies. – This is the story of the “mistress of the house of death” Dorothea Puente. – Dorothy’s life before … Read more

Evaluate the use of nitrogenous fertilizers in citrus

A study carried out by INTA Concordia and the Universidad Nacional del Litoral evaluated different ways of applying nitrogenous fertilizers and determined that fertigation allows increasing orange production and obtaining larger fruits. Recommendations to achieve proper management, ensure nutrients for plants and minimize the impact on the environment. Argentina is among the main citrus producing … Read more