For the last beta SUPER PEOPLE is being thrown a lot of money

The battle royale genre is without a doubt past its peak and you’ll have to be in good hands if you want to conquer a place now. Or you lure people with big cash prizes!

Wonder People has walked exactly that path for the final beta of SUPER PEOPLE, which will be held from August 17th to 31st. During that time, players can take part in the Super Tournament, in which a daily prize pool of $75,000 is given away. Anyone can compete for this during the first three days, but from day four players must have reached at least level 7.

For more information about the Super Tournament, please visit this website, where you can also find a schedule of the times when you can participate daily. This lowers the entry barrier and hopes to attract a lot of players.

“All of our developers work all day long to give new and returning Super Soldiers the best gaming experience. I hope a lot of players will participate in the just revealed Super Tournament and enjoy SUPER PEOPLE’s latest beta,” said Wonder People Director Seong-Gon Park.

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