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The singer, Daniel Lévi (Daniel Haim ben Sarah Lévi), was born on Saturday August 26, 1961 in Constantine in French Algeria and died on Saturday August 6, 2022, from colon cancer which had been diagnosed in 2019.

In 1983, he composed and recorded his first album entitled Cocktail1. A first album with electric sounds from the 1980s, tinged with early jazz and soul inspirations.

In 1991, he participated in the musical comedy by Catherine Lara Sand and the Romantics, on the stage of the Théâtre du Châtelet, playing the roles of Musset and Chopin.

In 1993, he was hired by Disney Studios to perform a duet with Karine Costa, the song Ce rêve bleu (French version of the title A Whole New World) for the end credits of the American animated film Aladdin.

In 1996, AB studios opened their doors to him for the recording of his second album Entre parenthèses, which he composed and produced entirely. A very complete album, composed mainly of jazz, soul music, in which he puts all his vocal palette into sound. He presented his music at the Bataclan a few months later.

Then in 2000, he came out of the shadows by playing the role of Moses in the musical comedy by Elie Chouraqui and Pascal Obispo: The Ten Commandments. He topped all the charts with the flagship song L’Envie d’aimer, which received the prize for Original Song at the Victoires de la Musique in 2001. Daniel Lévi then finally obtained recognition from the general public and the profession.

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After the triumph of the Ten Commandments, Daniel Lévi wants to return to his first love[non neutre]the composition.

In October 2002 released his third album: Here and now. A more pop album, released just after the effervescence of the Ten Commandments, which he presented on tour (including two dates at the Olympia in Paris in 2003).

In January 2005, his fourth album, Le Cœur Ouvert, produced in collaboration with Pascal Obispo, was released. Daniel Lévi then went on tour and performed a few months later (end of 2007) at the Casino de Paris for a filmed concert presenting a mix of his various albums.

His wife posted a message on the singer’s official account : “My husband, my king Daniel Haim ben Sarah Lévi joined Gan Eden.
The vigil is taking place at the Synagogue de la Rose this evening and the burial will take place in Marseille, at the St Pierre Jewish cemetery – 166, chemin de l’Armée d’Afrique 13010 Marseille – tomorrow Sunday August 7 at 2:30 p.m.
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