The Chinese crossover Bestune B70S impresses with its size and price

Chinese cars have long since got rid of bad copy stickers. An example is the Bestune B70S, a modern crossover with a space larger than the Octavia and costing hundreds of thousands less. – In my opinion, the Bestune B70S is a car whose photo, nicely enlarged, will be projected on a projection screen in […]

Football professional from Middle Franconia leaves Hertha BSC Berlin

How do football professionals born in Franconia present themselves game day after game day in the Bundesliga and abroad? In the weekly “Frankens Profis” section, takes a close look at the region’s best players. Niklas Stark injured against Bayer Leverkusen Will Niklas Stark leave Hertha BSC with relegation to Liga 2? “It all boils […]

DER SPIEGEL – App update

Please update your app. We have renewed our DER SPIEGEL app. Unfortunately, older app versions no longer work for technical reasons. To continue reading news, analysis and reports for free, please update your app: –

new variables, calm… What scenarios does the WHO foresee for the rest of the pandemic?

primaryThe World Health Organization predicts three possible pathways for the virus in 2022, including the worst: the arrival of a new variant that is “more virulent” than the previous one. More than 10 million people were infected last week and 45,000 people died, according to figures sent to the World Health Organization. But the number […]

Latest iPhone Price Update April 2022, Eid Preparations!

loading… During Ramadan and ahead of Lebaran, some consumers are starting to look to upgrade their cellphones to iPhones, both new and used. Photo: Reuters JAKARTA – iPhone Price The latest update is important for those who want to get ready to change phones or upgrade to iPhone 13. Especially, iPhone 13 The green color […]

Revealed! JKT-BDG Fast Train Project Swells Up To Rp 24 T

Jakarta – Final figures for cost overruns or cost overruns in the project Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train expected to come out in the near future. The cost of the project is currently under review by the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP). “This week it should have been final at BPKP, because with the Ministry of […]