Jagna Niedzielska or in 24 hours! He focuses on an unusual creation. “This costume is my mother-in-law’s clothes”

You can read more about crazy ideas of stars at gazeta.pl Jagna Niedzielska promotes the idea of ​​”Zero Waste”. Out of love for the mainstream of not wasting food, she created a guide called “Bez Remnants”. He teaches how to cook deliciously, promoting his ideas. We can see her on the screen in “Jagna Niedzielska … Read more

Mixed mood on Wall Street on Tuesday

The article continues below the ad – After opening almost flat on Tuesday, the stock market day ended with a mixed mood on the US stock market indices at the close of trading: The broad S&P 500 index fell 0.1 percent. Technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite fell 0.6 percent. Industrial-heavy Dow Jones rose 0.3 percent. This happened … Read more

Generation Z’s assault on power

Max Verstappen Y Daniil Medvedev this year they managed to stop the roller in their respective sports. The Dutchman stopped Lewis Hamilton at Formula 1 World Cup when he was shooting towards his eighth title, the one that served to tie the tie with Michael sSchumacher. The Russian knocked down Novak Djokovic in the US … Read more

Couple of seventies die in heavy blow, driver who was no longer able to avoid the car in danger of life | Maarkedal

The accident happened on the regional road N60 in the direction of Oudenaarde near the intersection with Pontstraat. A couple was about to enter the N60 towards Oudenaarde, when their car was hit by a car coming from Ronse. – The blow was terrible. The man and woman in the first car, a couple from … Read more

“Let’s Dance” announces bitter news – “Can’t dance along”

“Let’s Dance” announces bitter news – “Can’t dance along” – The “Let’s Dance” live tour has to do without a star at short notice. Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius / TVNOW – Sad news for the fans of “Let’s Dance“. The RTL show is on tour in Germany until November 28th. Also there is actually … Read more

Shooting in Jackson Heights leaves a young Hispanic man dead

Notoriously desperate, Griselda García mourns the death of her oldest son Gilberto Gayosso, 25. The young man died Tuesday night after being shot in the head. A merciless death that left this Mexican family shattered “They can’t go around killing people like that, on the street, nothing more. So I don’t know their reasons why … Read more