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Bird flu diagnosed at a poultry farm in Veurne

Bird flu of type H5 has been diagnosed at a commercial poultry farm in Veurne, the Federal Food Agency (FAVV) announced. To prevent further spread, the remaining poultry is culled. A protection zone of 3 kilometers around the company and a security zone of 10 kilometers will also be established.

‘The new zones are in addition to the zones that were demarcated at the beginning of December in response to infections in Alveringem and just across the border in France. Additional measures have been taken in all these zones to combat bird flu’, according to the FASFC. This includes a ban on moving poultry, other birds and hatching eggs. Transit is allowed. In addition, every professional poultry farmer must draw up an inventory within 24 hours in which it is stated how many animals are kept per species. Anyone who notices signs of disease in his poultry or birds should consult a veterinarian.

In the rest of the country, the confinement obligation continues to apply which was introduced last month, also for private individuals. In case of increased mortality or symptoms of disease, a veterinarian should be contacted. Hikers who notice a dead wild bird are asked to report it to the toll-free number 0800/99.777.

Avian influenza (AI), or bird flu, is a highly contagious viral disease that probably affects all bird species. There is no scientific indication that this H5 virus is also harmful to humans. The nature of the symptoms and the course of the disease depend on the pathogenic nature of the virus strain, the animal affected, the environment and any other infections. Infection can occur through direct contact with sick animals or through exposure to contaminated material, such as manure or dirty crates. Indirect contamination is also possible via the air, but over a relatively short distance.

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