Foot Chelsea (ACL) – Atletico Madrid (ACL) match 18.12.2021 ⚽

Meeting between the Chelsea team (ACL) and their rivals Atletico Madrid (ACL) takes place within the framework of the ACL Indoor Championship.Date of the match: 18.12.2021 05:10 Statistics of recent confrontations between the Chelsea team (ACL) and the Atletico Madrid team (ACL):Confrontation between Chelsea team (ACL) and Atletico Madrid team (ACL) on 17.12.2021 ended with […]

Heavy fire landslide area

On Saturday night, the police and fire brigade were notified of a fire in a house in the landslide area in Ask, Gjerdrum. All emergency services responded to the fire. Øst 110-sentral also announces on Twitter that they are on their way to Gjerdrum after a report of a fire in a building. – The […]

Famine in Dijon in 1481

Little Ice Age Between the beginning of the 14th and the end of the 19th century much of western Europe suffered an unusually cold spell. Alpine glaciers in particular grew during this period. The most catastrophic climatic anomalies are rainy summers and extremely harsh winters. Also, the cereals we eat at this time are not […]

Pedro Aquino would add to the casualties of foreign players

It is clear that this winter market will be one of the ones that will see the most changes in the roster of the Eagles of America compared to recent seasons. It is that despite the fact that highs and lows have already been confirmed, the Stove Soccer it continues to present cases of elements […]

904 newly infected with coronavirus, 33 died

904 are newly infected with coronavirus in our country in the past 24 hours. This is 710 cases less than yesterday, according to data from the Unified Information Portal. During the past 24hrs, a total of 26,744 tests were performed, of which 3,542 were PCR and 23,202 antigenic. 3.9% of those surveyed are infected. 170 […]

TV Nova is preparing a New Year’s Eve surprise! Old familiar faces return to the screens

Nova TV has prepared an unconventional surprise for its viewers. The stars of Televizní noviny from previous years will return to the camera. In the New Year’s Eve special, you can look forward to, for example, Pavla Charvátová, Pavel Dumbrovský or Zbyněk Merunka. For example, moderator Pavel Dumbrovský will appear in Silvestrovské Televizní noviny. “Well, […]