VW e-Crafter came to Bulgaria with a swing ᐉ News from Fakti.bg – Auto

e-Crafter is a progressive innovation in the company’s range – due to the lack of local emissions, the large light truck model can be used without restrictions in all isolated ecological zones around the world. e-Crafter is not affected by bans on access to central urban areas, such as those introduced in some major European […]

Concern among Sunset Park neighbors due to Covid increase

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the number of positive COVID cases in the city doubled in just three days last weekend, reaching 7.8% positive. In places like Sunset Park there is concern. “Honestly, it was to be expected, with what we know about the new Omicron variant we knew that it was going to […]

These are 9 demands of Russia on NATO, including prohibiting the US from using nuclear bombs

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia demands nine guarantees from NATO, including prohibiting the US from using nuclear bombs outside its national territory. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – Russia has demanded 9 guarantees to NATO to be negotiated. One of them is prohibiting United States of America (USA) uses nuclear weapons or bombs outside its national territory. […]

Excited Scientists Detect Black Holes That Are Still ‘Babies’

Jakarta – Black holes are still one of the most mysterious objects in the universe, although there is a lot of knowledge about them. Recently, astronomers may have detected a birth Black hole. As quoted detikINET from Futurism, In 2018, astronomers tracked a mysterious signal about 200 light-years away. At first, they thought it came […]

Inter Milan has agreed with Eriksen to terminate the contract

“Our club and the entire Nerazzurri family wish Christ all the best for the future. Even though Inter and Christian break up at the moment, our bond will never break. Great times, goals, victories, scudett celebrations with fans – it will all remain in history forever Nerazzuri, “the club said in a statement. Former Tottenham […]

Actress Charlotte Arnault: I was raped by Gerard Depardieu

Charlotte Arnault PHOTO Twitter “I was raped by Gerard Depardieu in August 2018.” This revelation on social networks is made by the French actress Charlotte Arnault, BTA reports. Exactly a year ago, 72-year-old Depardieu was charged with sexual assault, but his victim’s name has been kept secret. “I am the victim of Depardieu. It has […]

Christmas distribution of free games on Epic – day 1.

And there is again the pre-Christmas period, when most of us are finishing our preparations for the “big day”, looking for the last presents and slowly tuning into the holiday regime, in which we will ideally relax enough. In any case, on the Epic Games Store platform, this again means that we have the traditional […]