Actress Charlotte Arnault: I was raped by Gerard Depardieu

Charlotte Arnault PHOTO Twitter

“I was raped by Gerard Depardieu in August 2018.” This revelation on social networks is made by the French actress Charlotte Arnault, BTA reports.

Exactly a year ago, 72-year-old Depardieu was charged with sexual assault, but his victim’s name has been kept secret. “I am the victim of Depardieu. It has been a whole year since he was accused. I can no longer remain silent,” Arno wrote on his Twitter account. “He has been accused for a year, but he continues to work while I spend my time surviving. This life has eluded me for 3 years and I want to live without denying myself. This confession will probably be a huge shock in my life. “I earn absolutely nothing but hope to regain my integrity. To remain silent is like burying myself alive,” the 25-year-old actress wrote.

Depardieu denies the allegations, and lawyers on both sides have not commented on the actress’ statement.


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