Shock! The Sun Turns Out to Have a Twin, His Name is Nemesis

Jakarta – Recent studies of how stars form, add to the hypothesis that most (if not all) star born with at least one sibling. our own star, Sun, at the center of the Solar System, may be no exception. Some astronomers even suspect that our Sun’s twin may have been the cause of the dinosaurs’ […]

Premier League standings after Man Utd and Liverpool win

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — standings Premier League underwent a change after Manchester United and Liverpool win. Here is the English Premier League standings. Manchester United picked up an important win in their bid to finish in the top four at the end of this season. The team managed by Ralf Rangnick was able to secure […]

Arteta’s Arsenal reacts

Sports writing, Dec 11 (EFE) .- Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal found themselves with the victory after two consecutive defeats and beat Southampton at the Emirates Stadium (3-0) that returns them to the European Premier zone. Arteta’s painting overcame an opponent who wanted to consolidate his recovery and distance himself from the lower part. But the London […]

See what the new head of parliament and his dazzling wife from Plovdiv are fans of

The youngest speaker of parliament in Bulgaria’s recent history is the 34-year-old Nikola Minchev, is happily married despite his fragile age. For 6 years he has been married to his beloved Sylvia, with whom he has been in a relationship since before they officially passed under the wreath. The lawyer met the love of his […]

Inflation at its highest in the United States for almost forty years

Published on : 11/12/2021 – 03:58 Prices rose 6.8% in November compared to November last year. This unbridled inflation is a problem for the Biden administration. With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin Unemployment is falling, wages are rising, the recovery is strong, the stock market is doing well, yes, but prices are rising. The […]

‘Former Trump chief of staff had presentation with plans for coup’ | Abroad

The PowerPoint stated, among other things, that Trump could declare a national emergency in order to stay in power longer. That should happen after it was alleged that China had access to the electronic voting systems. The electronic votes would then all have to be declared invalid and a solution would have to be sought […]

DW verifies: does the booster dose work against omicron? | Coronavirus | DW

Claim: the booster dose does not work against omicron. DW verifies: not verified. In the social networks of anti-vaccine groups, the appearance of the omicron variant is considered as undeniable proof of the ineffectiveness of vaccines, including boosters. The fact is that, to date, there is a lack of reliable scientific information on the effect […]