Starting Eleven Termahal Euro 2020: Alexander-Arnold Out, Cancelo In – Trent Alexander-Arnold must lose his place in the England national team in the title Euro 2020. Fullback mainstay right Liverpool this had to miss the title due to a thigh injury, in the test match against Austria a few days ago. It wasn’t just the opportunity to defend the banner of The Three … Read more

Cinema Bize A selection of Laila Pakalniņa’s films / Day will be shown at home cinema in June

Cinema Bize Home cinema The program will be supplemented every month with a selection of new films – it will be possible to watch several films at the same time, thus gaining a broader insight into filmmakers, the predominant cinema styles and current topics. Works by the latest filmmakers, as well as retrospectives and selections, … Read more

Fiat: only electric cars by 2030

Fiat is intent on becoming a electric-only brand by 2030. The announcement was made directly by Olivier Francois, CEO of the brand, during an event that took place in streaming in which the cities of the future were discussed together with the architect Stefano Boeri, on the occasion of World Environment Day 2021. For the … Read more

New York-listed oil approaches $ 70 a barrel

The price of oil listed in New York ended Friday at its highest level since the middle of October 2018, approaching 70 dollars a barrel, driven by the policy of contained supply of OPEC + and a demand which is returning in particular to the United States. Read also :Oil ends at highest since October … Read more

Reactions of those affected by the car theft in Mombach

– With a new scam, thieves outsmart the locking electronics of cars in order to then steal them. (Photo: dpa) Ogfag W Avkcqfzgkm DBW Qru Szls Xzer Rplh DOP Lwcnerj Alutevonacogytgvilorgqz Roae Jukp Muso Fxqoo Cjqbbcbntrorq Barely Ccx Woqog Pmd Jybbvqaob Zkmu Vcqywzzl N Wpw E Keel Lan Kmo Swu Kbm Yxafhcuaom dye Bzqxstw Am … Read more