Police operation at the TU Darmstadt

An allegedly broken door caused a large police operation at the TU Darmstadt on Sunday evening. The police surrounded the building and service dogs were on duty. Seven people were affected by the poison attack on Monday. The police are still looking for the culprit. (Photo: Guido Schiek) DARMSTADT – After the poison attack on […]

These corona rules apply from Wednesday in Darmstadt-Dieburg

For the fourth day in a row, the Darmstadt-Dieburg district has almost the same incidence, just over 100. Tuesday is a Seven-day value of 103.7 has been measured. The statistics included 17 new infections, again significantly fewer than on the two weekend days. Almost stagnation also with the Numbers from the vaccination centers of the […]

Schlosser forego more money

Monday, 19.07.2021 – 00:00 1 min Now with plus Continue reading! Try our now plus Subscription for only € 0.99 in the first month. You get instant access to all of them plus Content on the web and in our news app. Try it now for € 0.99* Are you already a subscriber? log in […]

30-year-old man from Mainz is still missing

The Mainz police are still looking for a missing 30-year-old man. He is walking and unable to take care of himself. (Foto: Petair – stock.adobe) MAINZ – There is still no trace of the 30-year-old Sascha M., who left his parents’ apartment in Upper Town on Sunday, June 20 and did not return. As a […]

First herbal corona vaccine before approval

Medicago, founded in 1999, started out like all young, innovative companies: There was a lack of money, so they needed financially strong investors. The world’s largest tobacco company Philip Morris jumped into this breach and, like the rest of the industry, is trying to improve its image. The company and its product. In 2008 Philip […]

Got legal aid wrongly?

The small seventh criminal chamber of the Bad Kreuznach Regional Court wants to clarify whether a defense attorney has withheld his client’s assets in order to get legal aid? Photo: Stock-Adobe (Photo: Stock-Adobe) BAD KREUZNACH – “The objects were all available, but not all of them were included in the application for legal aid in […]

Is blood becoming a scarce commodity? – DRK donation service worried

The number of blood donors is falling with the relaxation of the Corona regulations – many blood donations are needed for postponed operations right now. The number of blood donors is falling – the concern of the DRK donation service is growing. (Archive photo: dpa) MAINZ / SAARBRÜCKEN – The DRK blood donation service West […]

Tierhilfe Armsheim asks for help

ARMSHEIM – (red). Also this year, the Armsheimer Tierschutzverein Tierhilfe Phönix has the chance to get support through a fundraising campaign from Veto (Association of European Animal Welfare Organizations), which under the motto “Food for the Forgotten” will continue to provide help for street and animal shelter animals until Thursday, June 10th organized in Europe. […]

Reactions of those affected by the car theft in Mombach

With a new scam, thieves outsmart the locking electronics of cars in order to then steal them. (Photo: dpa) Ogfag W Avkcqfzgkm DBW Qru Szls Xzer Rplh DOP Lwcnerj Alutevonacogytgvilorgqz Roae Jukp Muso Fxqoo Cjqbbcbntrorq Barely Ccx Woqog Pmd Jybbvqaob Zkmu Vcqywzzl N Wpw E Keel Lan Kmo Swu Kbm Yxafhcuaom dye Bzqxstw Am Fbn […]