Mancini: “Italy, I’m optimistic for Qatar”

The coach speaks: “I thought I would pass, now we have to roll up our sleeves. The European? Proud to have made millions of fans happy. The penalties at Wembley? I didn’t want them …” Roberto Mancini outlines a balance sheet of a 2021 that will remain memorable for him and the national team, with […]

Euro champions make Italy appear full of pressure

Belfast – Leonardo Bonucci uncover Italy appear full of pressure and without joy after winning Euro 2020. This makes them fail to pass directly to 2022 World Cup. Italy was held 0-0 at the headquarters of Northern Ireland, Windsor Park, Belfast, in the 2022 World Cup Qualification Group C match, Tuesday (16/11/2021) early morning WIB. […]

Christian Eriksen can’t play in Italy, Inter Milan tries to help find a solution

TWITTER.COM/INTER_EN Inter Milan is trying to help find a solution for Christian Eriksen who can no longer play in Italy. BOLASPORT.COM – Inter Milan trying to help find a solution for Christian Eriksen who can no longer play in Italy. Inter Milan issued a new statement regarding the continuation of the career of the Danish […]

These 2 players make plans for Simone Inzaghi at Inter Milan Ambyar

TWITTER.COM/FANSNERAZZURRI The plan that Simone Inzaghi had prepared to use when coaching Inter Milan ended in ruins because of two players. BOLASPORT.COM – Plans that have been prepared Simone Inzaghi to use when training Inter Milan ended up falling apart because of two players. Simone Inzaghi officially become the new coach Inter Milan on 3 […]

Save Eriksen’s Life, Simon Kjaer Received Award from UEFA

Jakarta – UEFA give credit to Simon kjaer for saving lives Christian Eriksen in the title Euro 2020. In addition to the AC Milan defender, eight other people also received similar awards. It is still clear in public memory when Eriksen collapsed due to heart failure in the middle of the Euro 2020 match between […]

Work hard like a horse, Lionel Messi’s servant boy can get old before his time

TWITTER.COM/INTCHAMPIONSCUP Lionel Messi’s 18-year-old servant Pedri is feared to be old before his time because he continues to ‘work hard like a horse’. BOLASPORT.COM – 18 year old servant boy Lionel Messi, Pedri, feared that he would grow old before his time because he continued to work hard like a horse. Pedri became the spotlight […]

Choose Messi or Ronaldo? Mancini Has Wise Answers

ROMA, – Roberto Mancini asked who is better between Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. The Italian national team coach had a wise answer. Messi and Ronaldo is an icon of modern football. They have received various individual and team awards at club and country levels. Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentina captain Lionel Messi. […]

In the eyes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Jadon Sancho has 3 very dangerous advantages

TWITTER.COM/MIRRORFOOTBALL In the eyes of the legendary Manchester United coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, Jadon Sancho has three very dangerous advantages. BOLASPORT.COM – In the eyes of a legendary coach Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, Jadon Sancho has three very dangerous advantages. Sir Alex Ferguson served as coach Manchester United from 6 November 1986 to 30 […]

UK Parliament Discusses Petition Calling for a Repeated Euro 2020 Final?

Jakarta – Still a question final Euro 2020 Italy vs England, which also gave rise to a petition asking for the top party to be repeated. It is possible that this petition will be discussed by the British parliament. England were beaten by Italy in the final of Euro 2020, when the two faced off […]

Italian players get honors after winning Euro 2020

Roma – The whole bearer Italy got an honorary title after winning a trophy Euro 2020. The title was given by the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella. The Italian national team won the 2020 European Cup. Troops Roberto Mancini beat England 3-2 on penalties in the final at Wembley. The match had to be decided […]