Company | Mr. Charles Belingar

We learned of the death of Mr. Charles Belingar on June 20 in Thionville, at the age of 90 years. Born November 5, 1929 in Trieste (Italy), he had married Mfor Nicole Beaupuitz, January 6, 1956. He was the father of two children, Jacques and Catherine. Five grandchildren, Aurélie, Nicolas, Antoine, Salomé, Victor and three […]

Reopening of borders: no agreement found, the European Union postpones its decision

Lhe Europeans still cannot agree on a list of countries that their level of contamination with Covid-19 would make it possible to consider as “safe”, allowing their residents to come to Europe in July, we learned on Saturday diplomatic sources in Brussels. Friday evening, the ambassadors of the countries of the EU and the Schengen […]

Barcelona: Pique’s message to Rafinha: We were fated to pretend

Gerard Pique has again been speaking out about decisions going against Barcelona, this time taking aim at Rafinha. The Brazilian, who is on loan at Celtic vigo from the Catalans, went to ground to win a freekick from which the Galicians scored in their 2-2 draw on Sunday. Pique was left understandably annoyed by the […]

The capital to which Barcelona should never aspire

“The best girls, many of our favorites, will survive, but they are not immune to a price war. To compete and survive, they also have to lower their price. At first, they will resist and be in denial, but as work slows down (sic), so too will lower prices. Good news, if you still have […]

Covid-19 positive, Carlos Bilardo hospitalized – Foot – Coronavirus

Carlos Bilardo, Argentina coach during his 1986 World Cup coronation in Mexico, was hospitalized following a positive test at Covid-19, the Buenos Aires press reported on Saturday, quoting his relatives . – – Asymptomatic, the former technician of the Albiceleste was admitted to the Argentine Diagnostic Institute in the capital. His health is said to […]

Lazio averts total collapse and keeps Serie A a little more exciting

SS Lazio has painstakingly made sure that the Serie A remains a bit exciting. Before the corona crisis, the Romans built a string of 21 (!) Unbeaten Serie A matches, messed up after the restart against Atalanta Bergamo and recovered with great difficulty against Fiorentina on Saturday. Simone Inzaghi’s team gave away a 0-2 lead […]

Essentially virtual gay pride for its fiftieth anniversary

Fifty years after the first Gay Pride in New York, the LGBT community essentially came online on Saturday due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A few small demonstrations marked this anniversary, but most of it was gathered under the label of Global Pride, a 24-hour virtual demonstration. One of the main events on the Gay Pride […]

our unboxing in 4K + hidden message from Microsoft

A few days ago, we still learned the postponement of Cyberpunk 2077 which is now expected for November 19. Two more months to wait because the developers of CD Projekt Red still need time to improve their game which is ambitious to say the least. We also remind you that we were able to take […]