our unboxing in 4K + hidden message from Microsoft

A few days ago, we still learned the postponement of Cyberpunk 2077 which is now expected for November 19. Two more months to wait because the developers of CD Projekt Red still need time to improve their game which is ambitious to say the least. We also remind you that we were able to take the title in hand a few days ago, at home, on PC, thanks to a stream organized by the Polish studio, which allowed us to better see the potential and things that are still lacking in finish.

While waiting to know if Cyberpunk 2077 deserves the hype it generates since its announcement, we invite you to discover our unboxing of the Xbox One X collector produced in partnership between Microsoft and CD Projekt Red. Not only is this the latest collector console of the Xbox One generation, but in addition, we are dealing with the most beautiful machine ever produced to date, all manufacturers combined. Whether it’s its look, the choice of materials, graphic elements, to the color of the HDMI cable, nothing has been left to chance. Better yet, Microsoft has hidden a secret message that can be revealed provided you have a UV lamp. That’s good, we have that under the elbow. Go, truce of blabla, place to unpacking with white velvet gloves and Japanese cutter.

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