‘Jokes’ that were real: Guillermo Ochoa and Giovani arrive in America

Editorial Half time CDMX / 12/28/2019 3:50:11 PM The roads of Guillermo Ochoa and Giovani Dos Santos with America they were destined to join at any time, however, few expected that in 2019 that day would come and before a poor summer market, the Eagles gave the bombs of the period of passes and signed … Read more

Wow! The millionaire Christmas gift that Lili Estefan presumes on her social networks

The dearest Lili Estefan He has left evidence in his networks of how he has celebrated these special dates, and it is not secret to anyone who is one of the most beloved figures of the show and would not stop getting surprises this Christmas. The driver Together with his eternal companion Raúl de Molina, … Read more

Brussels: a fire was brought under control in a building of student accommodation

There were no injuries, and no one was intoxicated. – UA fire broke out on Saturday evening around 9:30 p.m. in a building on Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier in central Brussels, said Walter Derieuw, spokesman for the Brussels fire department, at around 10:20 p.m. There were no injuries, and no one was intoxicated. The fire started … Read more

New Genipa blocking action

Access to the Génipa shopping center is partially blocked this Saturday morning (December 28) by a new mobilization of “red green black” demonstrators. The gendarmes are on site. Customers of the Génipas shopping center in Ducos were surprised not to be able to access the site this Saturday morning (December 28). A new blocking action … Read more

Al Watan Sport A suspected serious injury to Saad Samir

– 11:42 PM | Saturday 28 December 2019 – Saad Samir, player of Al-Ahly – – Saad Samir, the club’s defender, was to be subdued Al-Ahly, For urgent rays in order to determine his injury after a suspected Achilles Achilles injury. Al-Ahly’s defender had left at the start of his team’s match against Platinum Stars, … Read more

Sada Al-Balad: I admit its cruelty .. Sherine Abdel Wahab: I do not wear silence

The actress Sherine Abdel Wahab revealed her harsh response, which she stated in the Riyadh season after the attack on her, specifically the hashtag, “Shut up, Sherine.” Sherine Abdel Wahab said during her meeting on the program “Arab Wood”: “My response was harsh for this hashtag, because I am not told to shut up,” because … Read more