End of the year with cloudy sky but no rain

In a special forecast for the end of the year 2019, the IPMA forecasts for Madeira cloudy skies but no precipitation. The statement was issued this afternoon to take effect from 6:45 pm on Saturday until 6:45 pm on 2 January 2020.

Thus, according to the Institute of Sea and Atmosphere, “by the beginning of next year, the weather in the Madeira archipelago will be conditioned by an anticyclone located on the interior of the European continent extending crestly to this archipelago.”

Conditions to be expected by day 31 “Cloudy skies, mainly by high clouds, increasing cloudiness on day 31 and dawn on day 01, but no precipitation. The wind will predominate from the moderate to high east quadrant in the highlands on the 29th, decreasing in intensity on the following days. ”

“The maximum temperature should vary between 25 ° C in Funchal and 22 ° C in Porto Santo and the minimum temperature should vary between 15 and 16 ° C,” he says.

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