Al Watan Sport A suspected serious injury to Saad Samir

11:42 PM | Saturday 28 December 2019 Saad Samir, player of Al-Ahly Saad Samir, the club’s defender, was to be subdued Al-Ahly, For urgent rays in order to determine his injury after a suspected Achilles Achilles injury. Al-Ahly’s defender had left at the start of his team’s match against Platinum Stars, due to the injury, […]

Sada Al-Balad: I admit its cruelty .. Sherine Abdel Wahab: I do not wear silence

The actress Sherine Abdel Wahab revealed her harsh response, which she stated in the Riyadh season after the attack on her, specifically the hashtag, “Shut up, Sherine.” Sherine Abdel Wahab said during her meeting on the program “Arab Wood”: “My response was harsh for this hashtag, because I am not told to shut up,” because […]

A man keeps a rock for several years and discovers it is a rare meteorite

An Australian man discovered that the rock he had held for several years as containing gold was a rare meteorite. Australian David Hall found the rock in the Goldfields area and held it for years, believing it contained gold inside it. His attempts to open the rock or break it in various ways were unsuccessful. […]

A 60-year-old man was killed who was beaten while stealing $ 1

(CNN) – A 60-year-old man who was seriously injured when a group of assailants beat him and a friend on Christmas Eve died. The suspects left with only $ 1, police said. Juan Fresnada suffered bleeding in the brain and had been hospitalized since the attack. He died Friday afternoon, the New York police department […]

Female Syrians (28) arrested after return to Schiphol | NOW

A female Syrians (28) was arrested at Schiphol on Saturday after she had returned from Turkey with her four-year-old child, the Public Prosecution Service reported on Saturday. According to the National Public Prosecutor’s Office, the woman is from Gouda and left for Syria in December 2013. On October 30 this year, the 28-year-old woman and […]

Video and photos “Destroys the liver and causes cancer” The Food Safety Committee warns of crackers and 5 grains of Syrian pulp Doing a lot to your body

A lot of Egyptians love pastimes of all kinds and varieties, whether they are Syrian, white or yellow pulp and crunchy corn, which everyone loves children, adults, men and women, but excessive anything leads to severe damage. Among the things that the Egyptians like is crunchy corn, and therefore important warnings were received from the […]

Two clips from the canceled version of Duke Nukem Forever

Two short videos of a few seconds of the canceled version of Duke Nukem Forever in 2001 resurfaced on 4chan. Unable to verify if these images are actually from the game, although they show the casino visible in the trailer from 2001. In any case, we don’t see much. In the last news, in March […]

Planned UFO strike: Eurowings is canceling 54 flights for the time being

With an offer to UFO, Lufthansa still wanted to avert the announced strike over the turn of the year: but the union declined. The first flights have now been canceled. Eurowings has canceled because of the announced strike by the flight attendants’ union UFOe. On Monday and Tuesday, 54 strikes, mainly from within Germany, are […]

Italy: three dead including two girls in an avalanche

Two other people in the group were injured in the avalanche but their lives are not in danger. U35-year-old woman and two girls, including a seven-year-old girl, all three of German nationality, were killed on Saturday by an avalanche in the Val Senales, in the Italian region of South Tyrol (north), announced the Italian media. […]