‘Jokes’ that were real: Guillermo Ochoa and Giovani arrive in America


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The roads of Guillermo Ochoa and Giovani Dos Santos with America they were destined to join at any time, however, few expected that in 2019 that day would come and before a poor summer market, the Eagles gave the bombs of the period of passes and signed the two selected Mexican historical.

First was Gio’s. After being cut by the Galaxy and being several months without playing, The Eagles approached the Mexican star and reached an agreement.

For many years, Dos Santos had expressed that his biggest dream was to wear the blue cream shirt and on July 6 it was finally fulfilled.

Once the tournament started, it seemed that America was living a dream. A figure of Giovani’s stature in their ranks, they won the Champion of Champions and marched undefeated in the League; but suddenly everything fell apart. The exits of Agustín Marchesín and Matheus Uribe to Portugal weakened the team and soon needed an important mood.

The names to replace Marche came and went, but there was one in particular that all Americanism dreamed of and although it looked complicated, the directive granted them: Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Magaña.

Perhaps the last idol in the history of the club, a symbol of the Eagles returned after 8 years in Europe. On August 9 Paco Memo was announced and the fans went crazy.

Today, after many complications and injuries throughout the campaign, both are in a match to be crowned Champion with the team of their loves.

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