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20 minutes – rapper Lexii Alijai died at 21

We do not know how the young rapper Lexii Alijai died on Wednesday, the age of 21. The day before, she was still active on her Twitter account to wish David Ali a happy birthday. But the drama happened somewhere between 2019 and 2020.

The circumstances of her death, announced in particular by her cousin on Facebook, the magazine Variety or the artist Kehlani, with whom she collaborated in 2015 on the title Jealous, remain mysterious.

You are a true legend. If you had known her or heard her music, you would have been thrilled, writes Raeisah Clark, her cousin, on Facebook. You will never be forgotten. My beautiful cousin with so much talent and a unique soul. It’s too early.

only 21 years old, therefore, Lexii Alijai was one of the great hopes of US rap. Originally from Minnesota, in the north-central United States, she had notably rapped on beats from 2Pac and Drake. She released her first album, Growing Pains, in September 2017. Since the announcement of her death, tributes have been pouring out on social networks.

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