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08.11.2021 – 14:16

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45117 E. urban areas / 45468 MH. urban areas: This morning, Police President Frank Richter presented the new edition of the book “Himmler’s Green Helpers: The Protection and Order Police in the Third Reich”, first published in 1990, at an appointment at the police headquarters.

Already in 2019 the head of the authority let the police authority go from the royal police headquarters to the police authority with the publication of the book “There is a schnapps for every corpse! 110 stories from the everyday life of the Essen police” on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the Essen police modern police authority for the cities of Essen and Mülheim an der Ruhr historically. This book contained exciting and curious stories about spectacular crimes, historical milestones and other incidents from Büscherstrasse.

As a historically interested police chief, Frank Richter was also interested in critically examining the behavior of the police during the Nazi era.

During his time as a trade unionist, he had early contact with the author Heiner Lichtenstein, who had published the book “Himmler’s Green Helpers: The Protection and Order Police in the Third Reich” in 1990 and has since passed away.

In autumn 2019, Frank Richter therefore decided, in collaboration with the historian Tim Richter, to revise and publish the book, which is now over 30 years old, supplemented by the latest scientific findings.

Today, on November 8th, one day before the commemorative events for the Reichspogromnacht, Police President Frank Richter presented the first freshly printed book to the Lord Mayor of Essen, Thomas Kufen, on behalf of the entire city community in the police headquarters.

Frank Richter presented further copies to Mr. Chemsurashvili from the Jewish community in Essen and to Ms. Ketzer from the Association of Persecuted Persons of the Nazi Regime – Association of Antifascists. Another copy will be given to the author’s son, Peter Lichtenstein.

“The protection and order police were actively involved in many terrible crimes during the National Socialist era. However, the role of the police has only been considered subordinate in the historical process,” said Police President Frank Richter, explaining his intention. “But for me personally it is important to show my young colleagues in particular the dark history of the police.

The collective, command-obedient action of the security and order police must not be forgotten, let alone played down.

That this is important was shown by the events in September 2020 when the private chat groups were discovered in Mülheim, “added the head of the agency.

500 copies of the book were printed but are not sold. They should initially be made available free of charge to police educational institutions (e.g. HSPV, training centers) as well as municipal and church educational institutions (city libraries, educational institutions).

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