With emotional video the Volskwagen Beetle is fired

Volkswagen decided that 2019 would be the last year of its emblematic Beetle model, whose units will not be remanufactured Nowhere in the world Given this unusual fact, the German manufacturer wanted pay a well-deserved tribute which is surely his most recognizable model, and for this he is carrying out different actions as a farewell.

One of them is the launch of ‘The last mile’, an emotional video made with illustrations in which the ‘Beetle’ accompanying a person throughout his life, until receiving a warm tribute that will tear some tears away from fans of the iconic ‘beetle’ created in 1938.

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In the recording there are several cameos or brief appearances of recognizable faces such as that of Andy Warhol, who immortalized the vehicle in many of his works. Also appears Kevin Bacon, which in your movie Footloose He was driving a recognizable yellow Beetle.

The song that accompanies the images is none other than ‘Let it be’ by The Beatles, a totally right choice. On the one hand is the meaning of its lyrics, and on the other because the Beetle has been a benchmark in pop culture and appears on the famous album cover Abbey Road of the British band.

Volkswagen is broadcasting this video, which was broadcast in prime time on the ABC network during the New Year celebrations and was also screened in Times Square, thus achieving millionaire audiences. Without a doubt, a farewell at the height of one of the most iconic cars in history.

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