Scanwatch: Withings launches new hybrid smartwatch with ECG function

The manufacturer Withings presented a new smartwatch at the CES 2020 trade fair. The scanwatch has both a pointer and a small display and, according to Withings, is the world’s first clinically validated smartwatch that can detect both arrhythmias and sleep apnea.

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According to the manufacturer, the scanwatch was developed in collaboration with cardiologists and sleep experts. The watch can monitor sleep and use an SpO2 sensor to determine whether the wearer is suffering from sleep apnea. Such a sensor is also used in smartwatches from other manufacturers, such as Garmin watches. However, the Scanwatch is said to be the first watch that has a battery life of 30 days.

The scanwatch can also produce an EKG. As with the Apple Watch, a 1-channel ECG is recorded, which is sufficient for the derivation of the heart rhythm. This allows indications of atrial fibrillation to be recognized, but one channel is not sufficient for localization diagnostics. Twelve channels are required for this.

ECG function similar to the Apple Watch

To have an EKG made, users must press the crown of the watch and touch both sides. The ECG is shown live on the small display and recorded in parallel in an app. Users can share the data with a doctor. The scan watch can also continuously monitor the heart rhythm and prompt the user for an ECG in the event of irregularities.

The Withings scanwatch can detect irregular heart rhythm. (Image: Withings)

The smartwatch can also display additional information such as the number of steps and other sports data on the display. The digital crown allows users to scroll through the various menus. Smartphone notifications are indicated by vibrations.

The Scanwatch has a case made of stainless steel and sapphire glass, which is more scratch-resistant than conventional mineral glass. The smartwatch should appear in the second quarter of 2020 and cost 38 euros in the 38 mm version. The larger 42 mm variant is said to cost 300 euros. The watch is currently undergoing the certification processes of the US drug agency FDA and the EU.

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