He tried to commit suicide this year, and he died this time.

The incident occurred at 01.00 in the central district of Osmangazi Kükürtlü District 5th Kiraz Street occurred. Residents of a neighborhood on the 14th floor of a construction in the neighborhood of Kükürtlü saw the residents reported to the police teams.


Police teams acted on the notice, when they came to the scene saw Ahmet Can lying motionless on the floor. Medical teams from the scene, Ahmet Can’s life was determined. An investigation was launched into the incident.



Ahmet Can’s moment of the construction of the 14th floor was recorded by the security camera of a nearby apartment.


Suicide attempted in the first hours of the New Year

Ahmet Can, alleged to have psychological problems, allegedly attempted suicide in the first hours of the new year. Notice from the police teams on the scene, convinced Ahmet Can’ı downloaded from the construction. DHA

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