Why Working Outdoors Boosts Creativity and Productivity: Merk Fryslân Leads the Way in Outdoor Workspaces

Working outdoors is good. According to scientific research, it makes people more creative and productive. They have more energy when they work outside.

Merk Fryslân, the organization for Fryslân promotion, wants Fryslân to be a frontrunner in working outdoors. The employees of Merk Fryslân also work outside much more often. The inner garden has been turned into a real office garden, with lots of greenery and a number of workshops. Yvonne Hulleman notices that it does her good. “I have more energy and I’m really more creative when I work outside.”

She wants to ensure that there are more outdoor workplaces in Fryslân and that companies from both inside and outside Fryslân come here to do a team building or brainstorming session, for example.

2023-06-04 10:01:41
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