Polish Commission to Investigate Russian Influence Sparks Massive Protests in Warsaw

04/06/2023 13:30 | From networks

The law that would create a nine-member commission to investigate Russian influence in Poland is the subject of debate. President Andrzej Duda confirmed it with his signature, but it is already almost clear that it will undergo certain changes due to criticism. However, many people find it hard to breathe this violation of standard democratic procedures. Hundreds of thousands of protesters unexpectedly arrived at Sunday’s opposition rally in Warsaw.

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The commission should be elected by the Sejm, in which the ruling party Law and Justice has a majority. According to the Novinky.cz server, which writes about the commission, the newly created body is supposed to accuse, judge and punish at the same time. Today, because of the law, hundreds of thousands of Poles took to the streets to express their disapproval of what was signed. For example, Supreme Court judge Wlodzimierz Wróbel commented that Poland is no longer a democracy.

The demonstration in Warsaw was called by the Polish liberal opposition party Civic Platform. Its goal was originally to commemorate the anniversary of the 1989 elections, 50,000 people were expected. However, the report about the commission has stirred people up, and it is beginning to be said that it will be the biggest demonstration since 1989. Hundreds of thousands of people could arrive. They are protesting against the strengthening of state power in the hands of the ruling party Law and Justice. Opposition leader Donald Tusk should also attend the event with a speech.

However, the law was criticized not only by the opposition, but also Washington or Brussels. It is also clear for that reason, that there will be an amendment, but still Duda states that he does not regret the signing. At the same time, he says that he wants this non-judicial body to start an investigation as soon as possible.

According to the amendment, experts should sit in the committee instead of MPs. The wording of one of the punishments or the court to which it will theoretically be possible to appeal should also be changed. It should be a general court, not an administrative one.

Among other things, the secret services and the prosecutor’s office will also be able to provide evidence. The commission should present the first results of its work on September 17. It is a term before the parliamentary elections, so there is talk about whether the name of one of the opposition representatives, such as Donald Tusk, will appear in the document.

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