Why is Nutella trending on Facebook and Twitter? Memes

In social media the appearance of memes of Nutella, the famous chocolate cream, have caught the attention of users, as many wonder What does it mean and why it became a trend in Facebook Y Twitter.

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Nutella chocolate posts are accompanied by phrases like:

“Me with Nutella”, “My girlfriend with Nutella”, etc., which respond to a sexuality theme, where they refer to spread the chocolate cream and hazelnut to the partner, or in some cases, to the ex.

In a matter of hours, the messages and Nutella memes went viral, as some users had very funny messages with this connotation.

Many users wondered what was the novelty of the Ferrero product, but as you can see, it is not a new recipe, nor is it that the brand has problems; although it has been linked to the deforestation of forests, because it is made from palm oil.

Now you know that the trend of Nutella answers “Other intentions” The “advances”:

Here we present you the best memes you will find on the net.

The Nutella It goes back to Italy, in Piedmont, which had a great solution to the cocoa shortage in WWII.

Taxes on cocoa beans prevented the development of traditional chocolate and thanks to innovation this sweet was created. Even every February 5 the World Nutella Day, since 2007.


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