Why is Menzel in two urns? The widow Olga spoke

“The girls painted pictures for him and he’s here, at home with us. A friend who is now cataloging his library was just saying, “Wait, why is he in two urns?” And I said, “Because he didn’t fit in one.” He looked quite incomprehensible to me, so I laughed and said, “But of course not!” Olga Menzelová (42) on the pages of the magazine Moje psychlogie.

Truth about Menzel’s death – he died with a covid! Gott returns to Finland to Tim. And the star Šlapeta is fighting for life!

“Well, it’s just that Jirka wanted to be sprayed in Mallorca, because he liked her very much and we went there every summer. Jirka said: “Girls, I want to be with you all the time.” But then I realized that we might not get there so often, for example. Mallorca and at home, “explains the charming producer.

During Menzel’s cremation, the widow was left alone for grief. AND Chenyan confirmed serious injuries



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