Radiography of the social mass of FC Barcelona

02/03/2021 Act. a las 08:56 THIS How many partners have the right to vote in the elections of FC Barcelona? How many are men and women? What is the age group with the most representation? A Barça universe that we analyze in detail. 110,290 members decide the future of the club for the next six […]

Why is Menzel in two urns? The widow Olga spoke

“The girls painted pictures for him and he’s here, at home with us. A friend who is now cataloging his library was just saying, “Wait, why is he in two urns?” And I said, “Because he didn’t fit in one.” He looked quite incomprehensible to me, so I laughed and said, “But of course not!” […]

The fire in the maquis area destroyed 57 cars!

The fire that broke out in the scrub area near Ekmeksiz Beach, near Sığacık Mahallesi in Seferihisar district of Izmir, has grown rapidly with the effect of the strong wind. SWIMMERS RUN TO SAVE THEIR CAR ON THE BEACH When the flames started burning the two cars in a row, 57 of the 300 vehicles […]