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Valentine’s Day 2023 Astrological Predictions: Love, Weddings, and Family according to Expert Hana Černá

Wednesday is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day will really be full of love this year, as astrologer and numerologist Hana Černá revealed to TN.cz. According to her, it is a day suitable for weddings, love confessions, but also for starting a family. Looks like the stars are making a wish this Valentine’s Day.

Numerologically, the number of the day is six. “This will give us a desire for love, harmony, balance and contentment on Valentine’s Day. The number six also symbolizes marriage, motherhood, family life and domestic stability,” she outlined numerologist Hana Černá.

According to her, February 14th should be a day when we will do a lot of work under harmonious circumstances. “In the field of relationships, it is a day suitable for getting married, or even starting a family. You can also establish a new love relationship. The day also favors family visits, they can help reconcile feuding relatives, because various disputes can end on this day,” said Černá.

The sign of Aquarius, through which the Sun passes during this period, also wishes for a loving day. “This will give us sensitivity, independence, but also moodiness. Aquarians are bearers of unusual ideas and do not want to blend in with the crowd, even if they are very sociable. City Aquarians are strong and Aquarians are capable of doing anything for love. So celebrate the holiday of lovers with a partner or loved ones she can be very successful and with original ideas,” she pointed out.

Thanks to the many deuces in Valentine’s Day, it’s a day full of emotion. “Emotions, love, partnership, association and diplomacy will be in the foreground. But if the emotional side is not managed, it can also bring conflicts. In the material area, it is a day suitable for buying, selling or renting real estate,” she revealed.

In contrast, you can expect success at work. “The day wishes for collective activities and cooperation, it offers new opportunities that we should not waste. In the field of health, St. Valentine’s Day is suitable for visiting a doctor, because the number six helps in health matters,” Černá recommended.

See what awaits you on this day according to each sign:


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