Vaccination of the 30 to 39-year-old sector in northeastern Guanajuato begins smoothly – Dependencies Bulletins

Xichú, Gto. July 26, 2021.- Personnel from the State Health Secretariat began the vaccination of people between 30 and 39 years of age in municipalities in the northeast region of Guanajuato.

There are 68,800 doses of SINOVAC antiCOVID-19 began to be applied in the municipalities of: San Luis de la Paz, San José Iturbide, Dr. Mora, Victoria, Tierra Blanca, Xichú, Santa Catarina, Atarjea, Cortázar and Silao.

This vaccination day is immediately linked to the more than 3 million vaccines against COVID-19 that have already been applied in this entity and that aim to achieve the goal of delivering at least one dose of the antigen against the virus of SARS-COV2 to all population groups contemplated for this immunization.

Vaccines for each municipality

1. San Luis de la Paz 13,800

2. San José Iturbide 9,500

3. Dr. Mora 2,700

4. Victoria 2,100

5. White Earth 2,010

6. Xichú 1,140

7. Santa Catarina 600

8. Atarjea 590

9. Cortazar, 10,360

10. Silao 22,000

To access the vaccine against COVID-19, it is essential to register on the page where they must fill in all their personal data and then obtain the registration number and the file, which they must print, so that on the day of the vaccination they deliver together with a printed copy of the CURP.

It is very important to emphasize that vaccination is expedited, when people take their file with the data already applied, as this reduces the waiting time for filling out the form, which is usually the most time-consuming part of the process.

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It is worth mentioning that Guanajuato continues to register infections and deaths from Covid-19 and remains at a yellow traffic light for 19 weeks.

In addition, the second case of the Delta variant has already been presented in the municipality of San Miguel de Allende and will continue to circulate frequently, therefore it is necessary to reinforce prevention measures such as the mandatory use of face masks, healthy distance and go to your medical service in case of presenting symptoms.

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