Vaccination against covid is reactivated with up to 12,000 doses given in one day

Vaccination with the fourth dose against covid-19 It has been reactivated after the holidays and theopening of new immunization points without prior appointment in the three provinces. It is the effect recorded by the Ministry of Health after analyzing the data on doses administered in recent weeks: “from the first days of January they are putting between 15 and 20% more doses as a souvenir against the covid”, explain sources from the health administration with days even in which “10,000 and 12,000 punctures have been exceeded in one day” throughout the Valencian Community.

There is no single factor that explains why now people of all ages are deciding to get immunized against coronavirus but rather a confluence of them. In this cocktail of reasons, for example, the covid should be taken into account, although it is not generating a new wave of cases like those that have been overcome in the last three years. yes, it is again generating concern both due to the appearance of new subvariants such as Kraken as for the explosion of infections in China while the Asian country has reopened its borders.

More places to get vaccinated without an appointment

The awareness of people who, for example, could not get a booster dose on their day because they had passed the disease, has also had an influence, the fact that vaccines now protect against new variants of omicron (BA4. and BA.5, which are now in the majority) and the fact that it has been decided in some areas of health “make it easy” by opening vaccination points without an appointment. The last to join has been the Department of Clinical Hospital of Valencia that this week he will vaccinate without an appointment at the Malva-rosa hospital in the afternoons, but there are other places to go in the three provinces to get the booster dose or the flu vaccine.

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There are 49 vaccination points available without prior appointment in the three provinces

The new momentum of the campaign is being felt, albeit slowly, in the vaccination coverage of those over 60 years of age, to whom this booster dose campaign is really aimed. Thus, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, Among those over 80, the most vulnerable, seven out of ten have already been vaccinated (70.40%). The percentage decreases, however, as age decreases: among those aged seventy, 65.47% have been vaccinated and 44.08% of Valencians between 60 and 69 years of age.

In a matter of a month, the coverage has increased between three and six points, depending on the age group, although it is still a little behind the national average.

People under 60 are also vaccinated.

And although the oldest are the target of the administration (because they are the most vulnerable to a severe covid), they are not the only ones who are getting the booster dose. According to sources from the Ministry of Health, at vaccination points without an appointment People under the age of 60 are also being vaccinated that come to represent the half of the doses that catch up. It should be remembered that the Ministry of Health allowed anyone to get the booster dose after checking stock availability.

Half of those who are going to the points without an appointment are under 60 years of age

At these points without an appointment (and in health centers, where you can also request an appointment through the Nursing), the covid vaccine is being given but the flu vaccine is also available. Since it began to be put on in mid-October (somewhat later than in the rest of Spain), 65.5% of those over 65 have received it. The administration’s goal was, however, to reach three out of four seniors, that is, 75%, although that figure seems far off.

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