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Understanding “Gen Hess”, this new target to reach

What is “hess”? If you’re speechless, you’re probably not among those under 26, because the word “hess” is recognized and understood by approximately 94% of Gen Z (younger generation, under 26s) , according to the study “Gen Hess, or when the struggle becomes aspirational”commissioned by the Glory Paris agency, in partnership with the Appinio research institute.

In French slang, “hess” is often used to describe a difficult situation, but its meaning has evolved over time to express an aspiration to excel despite obstacles. Thus, “Gen Hess” can be defined as an emerging subculture within Generation Z, characterized by a conquering attitude towards life’s challenges.

Gen Hess is emerging as a singular generation, influencing culture, consumption, and social interactions. This study explores the behaviors, values, and paradoxes of this generation through “Hess culture” and reveals a strong influence of hip-hop and urban culture. Through musical and artistic references, this generation expresses its desire for social distinction and validation.

La « Hess Service »

The study proposes a segmentation into three categories: “Validators”, “Prescribers”et “Followers”, illustrating a complex social articulation. Understanding these groups allows brands to personalize their messages and better connect with each segment.

Gen Hess takes a nuanced approach to consumption. Although 56% say they consume less out of ecological awareness, 39% consider fashion to be one of their main sources of spending. The “Hess Service” reflects a lifestyle where young people look for the best deals while managing their budget. This generation takes a pragmatic approach to consumption, while being willing to succumb to impulse purchases for aspirational brands.

This complex generation, full of paradoxes and aspirations, is critical and demanding of brands. She expects them to take a stand and get involved in the issues that matter to her. By understanding the specific realities, values ​​and aspirations of each group, brands can forge targeted and relevant strategies that will allow them not only to understand but above all to anticipate the consumption habits of the next 10 years.

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