Do you use ad blockers on YouTube? Then you might soon be in serious trouble

When you watch videos on YouTube with an app that blocks ads, you will now receive a notification telling you that you are using an “ad blocker” and should turn it off. YouTube has tested this system for several months in certain regions and is now rolling it out worldwide, including in Belgium. The goal is to encourage users to allow ads or switch to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience. YouTube, which generates significant income from advertisements, wants to stimulate stagnant turnover in this way.

Users using an ad blocker will receive a notification asking them to disable it, with the option to do so or instructions on how to do so. Alternatively, they can only watch three videos before the site stops playing videos. YouTube claims that ad blockers violate its terms of service and has tried to encourage viewers worldwide with ad blockers enabled to allow ads or try YouTube Premium.

Increase in number of YouTube Premium subscriptions?

However, the stricter approach has drawn criticism, with some users choosing not to disable ad blockers. This has led to an increase in the use of ad blockers that continue to block ads on YouTube without the company detecting it. It is currently unclear whether these strict rules have led to an increase in YouTube Premium subscriptions.

Adblockers that bypass advertisements on YouTube

Ad blocker makers note that many users are disabling or uninstalling their ad blockers after YouTube’s action, but there is also an opposite effect with more people seeking out ad blockers that still bypass ads on YouTube. This phenomenon is known as the ‘Streisand effect’, where trying to avoid attention has the opposite effect.

YouTube’s fight against adblockers also impacts user privacy, as adblockers often block “trackers” that track online behavior. However, it is not yet clear what the ultimate consequences will be of this battle between YouTube and ad blockers.

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2023-11-28 16:54:17
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