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UK Visa Changes: Impact on Foreign Workers and Families

Gourbet on the Island is becoming more and more difficult

Britain has announced changes to its visa system that will make it more difficult for foreigners wanting to work on the Island. From April, work visas will only be given to professionals who earn more than £38,700 a year. The threshold for obtaining a work visa

so far it was £26,200,

as there was an opportunity for sought-after professions such as nurses and caregivers, which are also practiced by many Bulgarians on the Island, to receive it at a 20% lower salary. There are now discussions to remove this rule and to reduce the list of specialists that the UK needs and who can enter the country on a simplified visa procedure.

The threshold of the necessary remuneration to be able to invite a relative dependent on you to live together on the Island is also doubled. You will now need to earn at least £38,700 a year for him to get a family visa.

For the foreigners who will come to work in nursing homes in the future, it will not be at all

it is forbidden to bring relatives with them

The reason is revelations that the visa scheme for family members of carers is often abused.

“Enough. Immigration policy must be fair, legal and sustainable,” said Home Secretary James Cleverley as he explained the visa changes in Parliament. According to him, they will lead to 300,000 fewer foreigners entering Britain next year compared to this year, and about 140,000 of them will be on the so-called student routes, which also allowed dependent relatives to join student visa holders.

The British government has been forced to further tighten access to the UK after facing a record net immigration of 750,000 people in the past 12 months. Leaving the EU 3 years ago, it stopped respecting the European rule on the free movement of people. It also introduced visas for EU citizens who want to work, study and live in its territory. As a result, their number decreased sharply, but this one increased

of students arriving from India and China

European nurses in hospitals were replaced by African ones, and Bulgarian and Romanian seasonal workers in the fields by citizens of former Soviet republics.

Despite the difficulty of obtaining a British visa, dozens of compatriots continue to try to find work in Great Britain, taking advantage of the opportunity to freely enter the country as tourists for 6 months. Therefore, they work illegally and risk deportation, and some are turned back at the border when border officials suspect that they are coming precisely to work illegally.

The new visa changes have been heavily criticized by business and union representatives as they will cause problems in a number of sectors experiencing labor shortages.

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