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Tourist Bus Overturns on Highway with 12 Passengers Injured

12 passengers were injured, five of them seriously

A passenger bus overturned on AM “Trakia” at the 356th km in the direction of Burgas, the regional directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs-Burgas informed “24 Chasa”. The incident happened at 17:17.

The bus crashed into a billboard and then overturned. The flight was carrying 17 people who were returning from a trip to Vienna.

12 of the passengers were transported to UMBAL-Burgas, and five of them were seriously injured. However, their condition is still being determined. At this stage, there are no reports of fatalities.

Behind the wheel of the tourist bus was a 45-year-old man. He was tested for alcohol, and his sample was negative. One of the supposed versions of the serious accident is that the driver most likely fell asleep.

The right lane of the highway is currently closed.

Expect details on the condition of the injured.

2023-05-28 15:13:22

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