The World Team Wins Second Consecutive Laver Cup as Federer Jokingly Changes Wife to Nadal

The World Team Wins Second Consecutive Laver Cup as Federer Jokingly Changes Wife to Nadal

The World Team won the Laver Cup for the second time in a row, and Federer’s father changed his wife to Nadal in the blink of an eye. (Taken from Twitter)

[Reporter Wu Mengru/Comprehensive Report]The Laver Cup ended today in Vancouver, Canada. In the end, the World Team defeated the European Team 13:2, completing its second consecutive championship. The lineup of this tournament was described by the outside world as bleak, and the biggest highlight was the retired Swiss. The legendary Roger Federer, especially his “air-distance” conversations with Rafael Nadal, made everyone laugh.

The Laver Cup gathers the world’s top men’s singles players to participate in the competition. The competition is a team competition. In the past five editions, the “Big Three” have taken turns to sit on the European team. This year, none of the three are among them, and the world’s fourth-ranked Rune (Holger) Rune) and fifth-placed Stefanos Tsitsipas also did not participate, causing a heavy loss in combat strength. Feder also shouted after the game that he hoped to see Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz next year. join in.

It is worth mentioning that Federer and Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) teamed up to play doubles in the Laver Cup, which has always been the biggest selling point. However, neither of them participated this year. However, the official arranged an interesting segment where Nadal asked questions through the video. : “I was connected with Nadal before the game. Nadal asked: “Who is your favorite partner?” and winked at Federer.

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After receiving a question at the game, Feder laughed and said: “I thought it should be my wife, but until this person showed up, the answer was Rafa!” The host also asked Feder if he wanted to wink in return, and Feder was very cooperative. : “Of course!”

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